Memo to: L. Borger
  Sally Student
  Absence on 08/26/11


Absence memos do not need to be long.  A few lines will suffice.  However, make sure you follow the format of a memo using the headings you see in the upper left corner of the page.  In the body of the memo, make sure to explain why you were absent, when you were absent, and what work you are turning in late as a result.  Late work will not be accepted without a memo like this. 

All late work will be subject to late docking: 5% off each day late for major assignments up to a week after the original due date & 50% off and one day late on applicable in-class work.   Sign or initial in pen by your name on top. 

If your absence was the result of a funeral, you must attach a copy of the obituary or memorial service documentation and explain your relationship to the deceased.  If your absence was due to a school related event, include a note from a supervisor.  Do not submit private medical information / prescriptions / etc. which violate privacy issues.

If you were in class when an assignment was due but failed to turn the assignment in on its scheduled due date, follow the same format here - the subject line will read something along the lines of "Late Perception Reflection Assignment" instead.