Man Robs 60-Year-Old After Losing At Casino

Like what, a stroke of madness can happen to anyone. Earlier this week, a man addicted to casino games and penniless decided to visit a 60-year-old to steal cash. His kidnapper that we will call Alexander, aware of what he is doing, will present himself a little later, by himself at the police station. “Not to go to court, but to go to sleep! ”A real story to fall for!

The game is over and nothing and no one can turn back the clock. Alexandre plays, he even plays too much. This young man was present all night to play in the La Rochelle casino. He finds that the money he wagered is spent in its entirety and that the amount wagered has been completely lost in the games. Alexandre is devastated, under the influence of alcohol, this young man leaves without a penny. Unhappy, angry and bad about himself. Aware of his deep sadness, he decides not to stop there and goes to steal a sexagenarian to recover part of his due.

After breaking the window of a house with a flowerpot, the young man finds himself face to face with the owner of the premises. The old man who had no money with him was forcibly taken to an ATM to withdraw the sum of 300 euros.

Alexander, under the influence of alcohol, then decided to drive grandpa’s car on his own. Lack of pot, his drunkenness does not allow him to drive properly. Alexandre does not have the license. After a few skirmishes, the drunken man finally decides to pull over on an alley. Leaving the 60-year-old and the vehicle in the middle of nowhere. The man unconscious of what he is doing decides to rest on a public bench. Once again sober, he decides to go play again at the casino. Alexander lost again. It’s the panic.

After his devastating act and feeling guilty for what he was doing. He will report later to the police station. He will go to the police station in order to sleep and not to get to justice. In court, it’s exasperation. The young man regrets. He wishes to apologize to his victim. Hands trembling and nervousness very present, he calmly asked the judge in charge of his case to postpone the trial until the young man prepared his defense.

Alexandre does not have a driving license. The judges will rule on his case which already has a very heavy past. He faces at least 3 years in prison. Well known to French justice, Alexandre has nothing to him alone 19 offenses on his criminal record. Everything is linked to facts of thefts in meetings, snatching thefts. The man is addicted to alcohol and gambling. He is well aware of this, but there is no evidence that detoxification could help him. He has tried it before and it never worked. Alexandre will be tried on June 20, 2013.