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11 Characteristics of an effective online courses marketing campaign

While running an online academy, continuous advertising is key to keep clients coming in. The last thing you want is to risk stopping to advertise. Often, this causes your brand to slip from clients’ minds, and before you know it, the competitors will have taken over and swept your clients away. Having an effective marketing campaign is essential to reaping the benefits of all the time and resources spent on crafting and selling the perfect online course. Below is a list of attributes that you can use to plan a highly useful marketing campaign for your online course:

Set goals for your marketing campaign

An effective marketing campaign should have clearly defined objectives in mind to ensure that you can track its progress and measure results. Your goals must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound). Define deadlines and dates to analyze your campaign’s progress, and ensure that the ad is relevant for a business selling courses online. Consider using numbers to measure your achievements, for instance, how many new email subscribers you have obtained within two weeks.

Appeals to your target audience

While crafting your advertising plan, you cannot aim in the dark. You must understand the category and demographics of the clients you believe will benefit most from your course and create a marketing campaign that will appeal to them. The methods of advertising you select must also be readily accessible by your clientele. For instance, advertising in newspapers for millennials may be a miss; this unique demographic spends their time on social media, so go there. Attempting to appeal to the general masses is often a big mistake that consumes time, money, and effort with little results. This tactic also weakens your message, as it is directed to no one and appeals, again, to no one.

Must grab their attention

Everybody who visits the internet uses a free app or reads through the newspaper views over 5000 advertisements per day. That is an entire load, which means that the task at hand is to capture your target clientele’s attention. Targeting the right audience, as mentioned above, increases your chances of getting their attention. Your ads now need to be exciting enough to pique their curiosity so they can pay additional attention to your message. The more the attention your ads get, the less attention your competitors’ ads get.

Offer a gift

Nothing creates more buzz than a gift. More people will want to associate themselves with a brand that offers them a discount, free books, coupons, and codes once in a while. This way, your ads will cease being mostly about selling and become more about offering loyal clients an incentive for their business.

online courses

Communicates the value of your course

If your course does not offer any significant value to clients, they will not buy it. Many people today are wary of spending money on a course that will not offer credentials that they can leverage to get a promotion at work. In addition to career growth opportunities, how will your course improve your clients’ lives? Is the price you attach to the course worth it? Your course value must be communicated in your marketing campaign for it to sell fast.

Marketing is done via the right channels

As an online course selling business, your services will be online, which means that your ads should be online as well. Use social media, email marketing, PPC, and other online avenues to drive leads to your website. You can use mass media platforms like TV and newspapers to emancipate older generation clients if they are in your target clientele.

Generates awareness on the product

This is especially crucial if you are a new entrant in the market. Aim to offer your potential customers with ample information regarding your course; its outline and objectives, as well as outcomes. Also, talk about the price, methods of payments, and how to access more information regarding the course and contact you. Include your website link as well.

The advertisements should relate to your brand

Your ad must incorporate all the aspects of your business that differentiate it from your competitors; a logo, colors, typography, and visual media. The advertisement should also communicate your business culture and beliefs to ensure you create positive brand awareness. Your clients should be able to guess your brand just by seeing its logo.


Many people today ignore advertisements because they are believed to be laced with falsehoods. However, telling lies to capture your clients’ attention is one of the fastest ways to ruin your corporate reputation and destroy customer trust. Your goal in advertising is not only to get customers buying your course but loyal clients that are willing to dedicate themselves to your program (pay fees, study for the assigned period, and carry out assignments).

The advertisements must have a call to action

After you offer your clientele all the information regarding your product, do not leave them hanging. Encourage them to d something; call a number, visit your website, sign up for email newsletters. Design all your advertisements to facilitate immediate responses from its viewers.

Short and memorable

Humans lose their concentration after 8 seconds, which is an incredibly short time. To take advantage of whatever time you have with your potential customers, design short and engaging ads. Avoid cluttering the ad with excessive information, graphics, and other aspects that may derail their attention span. Ensure the message in the ad is brief and straight to the point to ensure your points hit home. Your advertisements must also be designed to remain in the viewers’ memories; incorporate some creative and intuitive graphics, a video, slogan, or jingle. Having an influencer on board is another effective way to keep the advert on your customers’ minds.


Advertising is a continuous process in running a successful online course business. You should, therefore, take steps to make it interesting both for you and your target audience. Be creative, honest, and engaging to generate positive PR and talk about your courses.

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