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7 Best apps for marketing your online courses on Shopify

Shopify is the best option for first-time entrepreneurs. It offers you a whole host of features to start your business selling online courses on the right foot. You can set up your website, upload your courses, and start accepting payments for them immediately. The Shopify App Store also caters to your business management needs; you will find a reputable app for just about anything: accounts, reporting, sales, and others. To help you drive business growth and get new students, the app store also has a myriad of applications to help you market your courses successfully. This article will highlight a few of the most effective ones to ensure you only select and spend money on the best:

Flashy Marketing Automation

Flashy is an all-in-one solution for e-commerce entrepreneurs looking for an inclusive marketing tool. This app will help you take care of all your digital marketing needs; SMS and email marketing, smart pop-ups, and marketing automation facilities. What’s more, this app lets you customize your marketing campaigns from clients’ previous purchases to ensure maximum engagement with them. As soon as you sign up, you will get a welcome package, abandoned cart recovery, and other features. Its marketplace also lets you customize your email and pop up templates.

Cost: $40 per month.

Product Upsell

Product Upsell is one of the most popular apps on the Shopify App Store. This app is especially useful if you are selling other items on your website in addition to courses, like eBooks or tickets to a webinar. This app enables you to create personalized and relevant upsell offers that remind a student what they ‘seem to be forgetting’ or how your eBook can make learning your course so much easier. You can also make upsell offers depending on the value of items in the client’s cart.

Cost: $9.99-$59.99/month


ShopPad’s Fablet is a great app that lets you create a mobile-responsive version of your website. In marketing, if your client cannot see their site or view your content via their smartphone or tablet, you are missing out on the over 50% of millennials that visit the internet via their mobiles. With this app, you will not need any coding skills to create a mobile-ready version of your website.

Cost: tiered plan starting from free to $250/month

Sweet Tooth

One of the most famous apps for creating loyalty reward points for e-commerce websites would be Sweet Tooth. With this app, you can set up a loyalty points reward system for clients with every purchase, referrals, and social media shares. Sweet Tooth is incredibly easy to integrate, has an excellent customer support group, and makes it possible for you to reward your students for their loyalty.

Cost: tiered price plan, free for 500 members and below, then $59-$399/month with an increase in loyalty members


ContactPigeon app lets you take your omnichannel marketing campaign to the next level with customization. Personalized advertisements are the way to get clients to create long-term relationships built on trust. This automated marketing platform lets you automate marketing on SMS, email, and push notifications. ContactPigeon also has a user-friendly drag-and-drop option for automation building, list building, exit intent pop-ups, and a robust analytics dashboard on which you can track your marketing campaigns’ results and conversion rates.

Cost: starts from $198/month with free customer success consultant and onboarding

Yotpo Reviews

Reviews about your course are incredibly vital in marketing. Many students will want to check what other students are saying about your course before they sign up, and will be more likely to sign up if they like what they see. Yotpo Reviews is a great Shopify app that enables your current clients to submit reviews via their emails conveniently. It uses an in-mail reviews form that is guaranteed to offer you way more reviews than following links would. Additional features include the ability to upload user-generated photos, social media integration, Q&A forum, and discount coupons. 

Cost: Free, with a small fee for the additional features.

Plug in SEO

SEO is one of the trickiest affairs to manage on a website, especially if you are starting out. With this Pemberton application, your website’s SEO will not have to be too complex. Plug in SEO checks your website for problems that may cause low rankings on the SERPs. It will also offer you a detailed report and steps you can take to fix the problem. It goes the extra mile and offers snippets of code that you can use without having to hire a professional.

online courses

Cost: Free


From the list above, you can get a host of helpful and high-quality apps to assist in managing your online marketing campaign for your online courses business. Consider integrating them into your Shopify website to improve the results of your digital marketing campaign.

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