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8 Must-have e-commerce marketing features for your online course website

Selecting an e-commerce website can be a challenge. There are so many excellent options with dazzling statistics and famous users. Designing a criterion for choosing an online site builder can be so overwhelming that many people hoping to sell a course online leave out one of the most essential parameters: marketing options. Marketing is going to be a continuous aspect of running your online business, which is why you must select an e-commerce website builder that helps you market your course in a quick, easy, and cost-effective manner. Below is a list of must-have marketing features that your e-commerce builder of choice needs to have:

Personalized emails

Emails make it possible for you to reach out to your students and potential clients quickly, based on their browsing patterns. If you are selling a wide range of courses, say, in fitness, you can identify the kind of transformation your client is seeking and send them emails notifying them of any new videos or content you have regarding their area of interest. You can also use these emails to notify your students of an upcoming class or remind any student that seems to be falling behind to catch up. Some leading email marketing platforms that your e-commerce service provider should allow you to integrate include HubSpot, G-Suite, and MailChimp. For this kind of marketing to work, you must avoid bombarding your students’ inboxes with emails, spamming your clients will ruin your reputation.

Promotional unit management

If you are offering a discount for the holidays or any other type of special information and are hoping to use banners and pop-ups for advertising them, you will need an e-commerce platform that lets you manage them without excessive hassle. The hallmark of a successful promotion today is personalization; your ads should effectively target the right audience and send the right message. If your platform does not have this functionality or has it at a higher price plan, you will have to build your banners and pop-ups on a separate application or hire a graphic designer, which can be expensive. A great application that lets you control pop-ups on your website and is available on Shopify Marketplace would be Pixelpop. With Pixelpop, you can build an email list, promote your special events, and use exit-intent delays in case a site visitor closes a browser tab.

Social media

Social media is the best way to interact with potential students in a relaxed atmosphere. Ensure the site builder you select lets you incorporate social media share buttons. You should also be able to add your social media profiles and have website visitors upload content to their own pages without leaving your website.

online courses


Studies show that over 55% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced directly by online reviews. Moreover, online reviews are a significant source of client trust for potential students that are unfamiliar with your brand. If you can pool positive reviews from past students, you can leverage them to build client trust and get more people buying your course. Other forms of user-generated content like photos and videos of students showing what they can do from what they have learned can also go a long way in building client trust. Your e-commerce platform should let you add UGC as well as show positive feedback from clients.

Blog integration

Blogs are an excellent way to proclaim your expertise and authority in the topic you plan to teach your students. The best thing about blogs is that they let you interact with potential clients in a way that is not overtly sales-y. Great and informative blog posts can also attract backlinks that are great for SEO. Your search engine ranking also improves with every informative and unique blog post you upload, which is why a blog is now a must-have for any successful online business.


Analytics is a vital tool in a marketer’s arsenal. With analytics, you will know your kind of site visitors, what pages they prefer to visit on your website, and whether you have a high bounce rate. With these metrics, you can quickly determine your conversion rates, what works, and what seems to turn students away. These metrics will also help you redesign your course content, if need be, make strategic business decisions, and tailor your marketing efforts to meet your clients’ pain points.

An example of an analytics tool that works excellently would be Magento’s Business Intelligence. It offers its users metrics like new clients with or without coupons or codes, customer lifetime value, repeat customers, and best-selling products. BI allows integration with Google Analytics and allows you to build your dashboard elements to suit specific queries.

Conversion rate optimization

Hundreds of people may visit your website, but how many of those will actually buy your course? Many factors come to play when answering this question, which s why you need to optimize your site to appeal to all kinds of visitors. Small attributes of your website, like its background color or how you have phrased your site header, will play a crucial role in determining the kinds of people that trust you enough to sign up for your program. You can use split-testing, a technique used to experiment with interface design to maximize the number of website visitors that become students. Ensure the website builder you select either has an inbuilt split-testing feature or enables you to integrate a third-party solution like Nelio A/B Testing.


Online marketing is not complete without SEO. You need to make your website clinch one of the top ten spots on search engine results to increase the chances of your students finding you. Getting to one of these prestigious positions takes plenty of time, and can be even harder if your site builder is not SEO-friendly. Your site builder should let you control the text on URLs and manages redirects and other important features that help boost SEO.


Ensure your website builder gives you ready access to all the marketing features above to ensure continuous business success.

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