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9 Reasons to create and sell courses online

Thanks to the advancement of video and other multimedia content, it is now possible to create and sell courses online easily. If you have any great talent, ability, or even professional expertise, you can make selling tutorials online your side-hustle and make some great cash on the side. If you are still on the fence about the idea of creating and selling an online course, below are a few reasons that will tip the balance in favor of going for it. Business is never easy, which is why a nudge is often the better solution.

Reduced overheads

Like any other online business, selling courses online means that you do not have to worry about rent, utilities, inventory, or any other major expenses associated with running other forms of business. All you need is your expertise, a stable internet connection, a laptop, and a website. Once you cover the initial costs, the profit margins from your students’ fees will be lucrative.

Reduced risks

Reduced overheads also mean reduced risks. Compared to a traditional school setting, the initial costs are far lower, which means that recovery will be less involving in the case that your business does not pick up. You can also make use of the materials procured for selling courses online to start another line of business, unlike a traditional school whose layout is fixed.

Relatively easier to set up

The first steps in designing your online course will take time. You will need to design a course outline, divide each part into smaller segments, and obtain relevant study material. As soon as curriculum design is done, you can quickly set up a website and offer your courses up for sale. A traditional college setting would take years to start, while an online course business will take only a few months.

Freedom of entry

The internet has virtually no barriers to entry; there are billions of people hanging out on the internet, a fraction of which are your potential customers. While many will opt for the free information that the internet offers, there is a special group that will prefer to take instruction from a qualified professional like yourself.

To make your paid course stand out, you will need to position your course effectively to appeal to the group of potential clients. You can leverage some freebies to give them a glimpse of what you offer. You can also offer tiered price ranges to provide a solution for all clients regardless of their financial backgrounds.

Better client reach

Online courses, unlike traditional schools, are not limited by geographical barriers. Anyone with access to the internet and your website can very easily become your client regardless of their location. You can teach students both in the US and other countries. This expanded reach means better income and brand recognition, in case courses are not your primary product.


Do you have a skill that you believe is beneficial to the community? You can impart that skill from the comfort of your home or anywhere with stable internet and power connection for your laptop. You do not have to go through the motions of starting a school and getting tied down at a physical location all day. The flexibility of online courses will also be experienced by your students, who will access your work via their computers and mobile devices at their own convenience.

You can create an online course in virtually any field

Whether you are an IT guru, a cell biologist, or a genius in mechanics, there is a space for you and your skillset in the online courses world. What you may perceive as a common skill may turn out to be highly valuable. What will matter is how you present the course content and yourself as the instructor. You should not have to possess a Ph.D. in the subject matter to have sufficient knowledge. All you need is engaging, high-quality content to effectively sell tutorials online.

online courses

Ready access to your clients

Many people today are looking online for the courses they desire from the comfort of their homes. In addition to the comfort of learning from home, learners now want to avoid various inconveniences associated with physical classrooms, which include:

  • Budgetary constraints that cause schools to taper down their curricula to afford to meet the heaviest demand
  • Cutting some courses out to meet financial budgets
  • The inability for one student to take a class there are interested in due to lack of quorum
  • Personal barriers and stereotypes

Online programs have eliminated all these barriers to enable clients to obtain a high-quality education. Selling your courses online lets you meet their demand from their main point of contact. If clients are looking online for tutorials in your field of expertise, offering them will solve a problem and generate you some income while at it.

Generate brand awareness

Selling courses online has been used by many top brands to offer valuable information about their respective industries as well as generate positive PR and brand awareness. A client looking for your online course will visit your website and inadvertently find information about your brand.


There are hundreds of reasons why you should overcome your fear of the unknown and create that online course. Students today are preferring to complement their formal education with skills learned online for their convenience, and you should tap into the billion-dollar industry.

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