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Best Apps to Sell Digital Products And Online Courses

 To sell your digital products quickly on the online platform, you need to have the right app. You want one that will give you multiple benefits while allowing you to sell a wide range of products. You need to be able to sell digital files such as music, PDF files, videos, and eBooks, among others. However, finding the right app can be challenging, but we will make the process easy for you by reviewing some of the best apps in the market.

·        Yotpo

If you are selling online courses, you may face the challenge of competing with those who are offering the content for free. You must, therefore, find a way to convince people to buy what you have to offer. One of the most powerful tools you have is customer reviews and recommendations. It forms an essential component of social proof that you would need to convince anyone to buy your online courses.

Yotpo is an excellent app that will allow you to take advantage of user-generated content to market your online courses. You also get help with Search Engine Optimization, thus enabling you to build an organic audience. The traffic will also come through the partnership Yotpo has with platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. It also allows for integration with other e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and Bigcommerce


 You have different pricing options for your consideration. You have the option of the free platform, which is excellent for anyone who is just starting.   You also get the option of tiered pricing under the Group Plan, which will cost you $29 per month. The pricing will change depending on the number of orders you receive every month. The Powerhouse subscription plan allows for pricing customization.

·        Single 

Single is a Shopify app that is fantastic for those in the music business. You get to sell individual digital tracks. Your customers also get in-built audio previews. It also has an auto detection for singles vs. albums. 

 You can also automatically match your shop theme using the app. It allows for integration with different platforms such as Google Play, podcasts, social media platforms, SoundScan, and streaming apps, among others. 

·        Schoolkeep

Schoolkeep will allow you to create online courses through its learning management system. You get to give your courses a professional look through their custom branding. You can also personalize the courses as per your target market. It means that you can schedule the classes, or allow the students to set their own pace. You have the option of using quizzes and assignments to help you with the coursework.

 You can easily integrate the app onto the Shopify platform, or use the social media platforms to sell your courses.


 The pricing comes in at $355 per month. 

·        MailChimp

 Emails continue to be an asset because of how effective they are. You must, however, have the right email list to truly take advantage of the power of emails. MailChimp is an excellent platform that will allow you to send relevant material to those on your email list.  By integrating MailChimp into your Shopify platform, you get to add your email list. You can then set up automatic emails so that you can deliver your online courses to your target audience.  You can give product recommendations and can share relevant articles, thus positioning yourself as an industry leader.


 You have the option of the free and paid-up packages. The prices range from less than $10 per month to $299 per month for the premium package. 

·        Plug-in SEO

 Anyone who is operating on the online platform must take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO).  It makes your website more visible, making it more likely that the search engines will find you. The search engine will direct the relevant traffic to your website, which is essential for the success of any platform. With the right kind of traffic, you can quickly increase conversions for your digital products.   Research indicates that Search Engine Optimization has the highest return on investment with regards to any marketing activities you may undertake. 

Plug-in SEO is a fantastic tool to help ensure that you optimize your pages appropriately. It will help you analyze your site and identify any problems with how you are implementing SEO.  Once it identifies gaps, it will give you fantastic recommendations on which areas you need to priorities so that you do not waste your time and money. You get help with your Meta titles, advanced structured data, Meta descriptions, and 404 broken links.  It will also help you with multilingual SEO, blogging keywords, to name a few.

Other features include:-

  • Compatibility with the inbuilt Shopify SEO feature
  • An ability to integrate it with any existing apps
  • Integration with search engines such as Google and Bing as well as Langify and Locksmith.
  • Fantastic technical support
  • With the paid-up plan, you get instruction videos and automatic improvements to the plugin 
  • It is free to install
  • You get constant updates
  • You can downgrade to the free package anytime you wish
  • You get email alerts anytime it detects a gap in your SEO implementation

Plug-in SEO is a Shopify app, and you have the option of free and paid plans. You also get a seven-day trial period to help you decide whether it is the right tool for you. The paid-up plan will cost you $20 per month, and you get to enjoy a host of features.

online courses

Final Thoughts

 We have shared with you some fantastic apps to sell your digital products and online courses. The online space has a lot of competition, and the right apps will help you move your digital products. You must, however, get the right one for your business, and it helps if you equip yourself with the relevant knowledge.  By really understanding what you are implementing into your online store, you will get maximum benefits and better return on investment. The ones we have highlighted above have a lot of features that you will enjoy.  So go ahead, integrate them into your e-commerce store, and start to see fantastic conversions.

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