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Best Shopify Apps for Selling Digital Products

You may be in the business of selling digital products and are not quite sure which are the best apps to use. You need tools that will assist with product delivery. You also want those that will give you proper analytics so that you can track your sales and downloads. It is also essential that you get one that supports multiple languages so that you can transact with people from all over the world. Shopify has some of the best apps you can use for the efficient running of your business. We will explore some of them below.

·        Flickrocket

Flickrocket Will allow you to sell digital products such as software, audiobooks, HTML content, PDF files, ePub files, among others. You can block other people from pirating or sharing your content using the encrypted licenses. You must, however, set the usage rules so that it follows what you want. You can, for example, be flexible about rentals, burn permissions, and export permissions, among others. You get support for various platforms such as iOS, macOS, Chromecast, smart TVs, and Kindle, among others.

 The app will seamlessly integrate with your Shopify store and will not interfere with the regular running in any way. All the back-end functions such as delivery, transcoding, DRM, and CDN happen in the background automatically.


 You get a one-time charge of $99. 

·        Sky Pilot

 Sky pilot is an excellent tool to help you sell items such as image files, music, and PDF content. You can also stream and send downloadable videos. You enjoy several benefits, such as setting the time limit on access to the downloads, limiting the number of downloads, setting expiration dates, among others. You can customize your delivery pages and setting up alerts for any content abuse. 

Other features you can enjoy include:-

  • Giving customers access to files they had previously purchased by simply logging into their accounts
  • Automatic access to the material on completion of the purchase
  • Ability to organize your content into folders and playlists
  • No limit on the videos of files per item
  • Ability to combine physical and digital products
  • You can integrate the app with Vimeo and charge rabbit

Your customers will receive a link through email.


 You have the option of the free plan, but if you want more advanced features, you can get a customized pricing plan.

·        Digital Downloads

 Digital Downloads is a free app, and it allows you to sell digital and physical products. If, for example, you are selling eBooks, you have the option of selling the e-version, as well as a hard copy. Your customers will get a download link once they place their order. You can send the link on the confirmation page or as part of an email. The app is continuously updated, and you get automatic notifications. Your clients will always have the latest version of the app. you can track sales, and can follow whether your customers download their purchases. 

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·        SendOwl

SendOwl is a fantastic app for selling digital products such as music, e-books, software, podcasts, and videos, among others. Your customers will get relevant links that will allow them to download the content on the order confirmation page.  You can also send the links in the customer count sections or as part of an email message.  You get support for multiple languages.  It is optimized for mobile, thus giving you a responsive page for mobile devices. Other benefits include Analytics to help you track your sales, Video-streaming support, among others. The download links have a time limit, but you are assured of security when sending the purchases. The customer can instantly download whatever it is they have bought from you.

Other things you may enjoy about the app include:-

  • Ability to sell drip products thus allowing for the release of files over several days
  • You get intelligent automatic fulfillment of the orders
  • You can deliver multiple files per order or product variant all from one download Screen
  • You have the option of self-hosting files
  • If they so wish the customer can use Dropbox to download the files
  • You get protection due to the Shopify and other third-party in-built fraud systems

 The basic package goes for $9 a month, while the standard and premium will cost you $15 and $24, respectively. The most Premium package is the business plan, which will cost you $39 per month. Each subscription package will give you different benefits. You can test out the product within the 30-day trial period to determine whether you would want to sign on to the app.

·        Fetchup

FetchApp has the main advantage of having a very easy integration. You get to sell your digital products such as videos, photos, PDF files, software, and eBooks, among others. The delivery is automatic, and you have a secure file hosting. You can also track your sales and downloads in real-time with the help of the statistics you will get. You can also restrict downloads using quantity or time as your basis. Benefits include:-

  • The ability to attach multiple files to one product
  • Centralized management of your orders which can receive through different gateways and multiple apps
  • Ability to reopen, expire or recent orders anytime you wish
  • No commission on any sales you make
  • Fast service speeds that allow you to give your customers a good experience
  • Ability to have a single account or service, multiple users
  • You can import your products from different e-commerce platforms such as Woocommerce, Bigcommerce or Shopify easily
  • You can generate PayPal buy buttons automatically
  • Customers get access to updated files, among other features. 

 You get two different packages on the platform. You have the free basic plan, but it limits you to 25 orders a day, and you only get 5 MB of storage. You also have two other options that will cost you $10 and $20 a month. The paid-up plans have unlimited bandwidth, orders, and you also get 2 GB and 5 GB storage, respectively. 

Final Thoughts

 Use any of the Shopify apps above to sell your digital products.

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