Sell Products Online Platforms: Don’t Make the Wrong Pick

Very many people in Australia get a difficult time choosing between sell products online platforms or e-commerce platform as commonly known. However, the truth is, finding the perfect platform is simple as long as you know what you want. One mistake that many online investors in Australia make is they forget to consider the features of an e-commerce software before buying. Without knowing it, they are exposing their companies to future risks that can threaten the company. Some of the dangers of using the wrong e-commerce platform include;

Losing customers and traffic

An e-commerce platform can be compared to the physical location of your brick and mortar store. The moment you are in the wrong location, your next move as an entrepreneur is to move to a new location. The only problem is, you will lose the customer base you had already built in your current area. With the wrong software, you will find it necessary to migrate to one that will give your business more flexibility. During migrations, you can lose customers.

Additionally, you also risk losing your good search engine ranking. Remember that even the web crawlers need to find the location of your website online before submitting search results. By changing locations, your site will no longer be present at its regular location as known by the web crawlers. The only way to prepare for your migration will be starting to inform your customers early. Still, after that, you will want to keep both portals working for a while until your customers adopt. In the end, it will even cost you money to migrate correctly.

You will limit your growth

One thing with most e-commerce businesses in Australia is that they start small. During that time, they have a simple inventory system and a few orders a day, and the entrepreneur is kind of happy with that. The problem is that with time, more people are likely to find out about an e-commerce platform. That means the customer base will grow. Without the right e-commerce software, you will not be able to accommodate your new customers. That is because your software is not designed to handle such a high number of people.

With an increased market you need a stable inventory system. That is because there will be very many activities and you don’t want to lose track of anything. Additionally, you will want to make sure that your new customers get the best experience. E-commerce platforms that have limited make it difficult to impress your customers because you don’t have so many options. To make the situation worse, the wrong platform can decide not to work because of the high traffic during flash sales.

To be able to compete favorably in the market, it is essential that you pay attention to what your competitors are doing. That is because e-commerce is not too diverse and strategies can always be shared to some extent. However, you’ll want to make it necessary that whatever you intend to do your e-commerce platform can handle it. Remember that some of the software or applications used in e-commerce are uploaded to the e-commerce platform.

May take you time before you get back

The moment your site is unable to serve your customers, it is most likely to remain dormant. As for the entrepreneur, plans to migrate can be underway but may not be as swift as you may wish them to. One of the main reasons why many Australian online investors end up with standard e-commerce platforms is because they are cheap. That means, before they can be able to migrate to a better platform, they need to work harder than how they had to find the cheap platform.

Additionally, after migration, you need to start again. From SEO to other online marketing strategies you had already used, you have to invest anew. The worst part is, you can never be sure that our company will return to the level it was in before. Never forget that e-commerce is a very competitive field and the moment your customers can’t find you, your competitors will find them. It’s therefore highly recommended that if you plan to migrate, you do proper research and find out the right way to do it. However, you should be ready to spend extra.

You can get hacked

An e-commerce platform can only cost very cheap if it knows it has nothing better to offer. This is one thing that anyone conversant with software knows. The moment you settle for a cheap e-commerce platform, remember that you are signing up for trouble. Not only will you not be able to make as much money as you should, but you will also be at risk of losing the little you have to hackers. Cheap platforms have inadequate security, and we all understand the dangers of this.

Know that so many companies in Australia have failed to survive the market due to hackers. That is because they don’t only steal your money but also your customer’s trust in your business. Avoiding such low costing platforms will also keep you away from falling into the wrong hands. Understand that there are fake sites that claim to offer cheap e-commerce platforms. The cheap pricing they put up is to lure you into dipping your hand inside the pocket.


Running a successful e-commerce company is as good as choosing the right e-commerce software. Proper research is vital during this process and most importantly, a reasonable budget. As the saying goes, “cheap is expensive,” and with cheap e-commerce software, you will have to incur cost in the future. One thing that should guide you in finding the right platform is the plans you have for your company. If you expect to attract a constant number of new customers to one thousand per year, you need to look for a platform that can add new one thousand customers to its system annually without any complications.


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