Selling with Messenger: eCommerce products

Are you considering using Facebook Messenger to boost your online sales? Selling with messenger (eCommerce products) is easier than you think. Today, many small businesses as well as medium-sized and big companies are using Facebook chat to increase the number of their online sales. When you compare these figures with the numbers you can expect from other methods of marketing like email marketing, the difference is incredible. For instance, according to some experts in this field, the click-through rates via Facebook Messenger are eight times better compared to email.

Facebook Messenger: What is this app all about?

In case you are new to the world of FB Messenger marketing, you should know that this form of marketing is not much different compared to email marketing. However, this time the communication that you have with your potential clients takes place via a simple messaging application. But, this is actually the thing that makes FB Messenger better than email marketing. Just think about it – do you check your email whenever you receive a message? How about FB Messenger? According to many surveys, people tend to check messages on FB immediately and it sometimes takes hours or even days for them to check their emails and respond. One of the reasons for this situation is that people feel Facebook Messenger as a more personal app, a more private app. After all, you are usually chatting with your friends and family through apps like this, not email.

Obviously, this situation won’t last forever. More and more business owners, managers and marketers will start using Facebook Messenger for sending marketing messages in order to sell their eCommerce products and FB users will not be as responsive as before. But, until that day comes, you should focus on getting the most from this application.

How to get the most from Facebook Messenger

It turns out that there’s more than one way to create a solid Facebook Messenger list that you can use for eCommerce purposes. Keep in mind that sending messages via Facebook is completely free and doesn’t come with any limitations. Some people are afraid that Facebook might start charging their users for sending messages, but we will have to wait to see whether this will be true or not. Until then, it’s highly recommended to use this application for business purposes.

As we already mentioned, you can use a few different methods to gather subscribers on FB Messenger. For instance, you can add a Facebook Messenger pop-up chat on your eCommerce site. Once the user starts chatting with you (your chat bot), they will become subscribers which mean that you can use their information in future marketing campaigns. There’s also another effective method that will bring more subscribers to your FB list. Namely, you can use the checkout process to get permission. For example, when the customer clicks the add to cart button in your online store they will agree to receive updates on Messenger. Use a check box to allow users to uncheck if they don’t want to receive updates via Messenger. The truth is that most people would love to get such updates. What’s even better is that this method works for situations with “abandoned carts” too. So, when a user adds something to the cart but doesn’t complete the checkout process, they will receive a reminder after a few hours via Messenger.

The process of building a FB Messenger list continues with Facebook Messenger Ads. In most cases, sellers are offering giveaways or some incentives that will make users click on the offer via messenger and they become subscribers automatically.

Relying on FB chatbots

Now that you know how to use messenger for marketing, it’s time to focus on Facebook chatbots that can help you initiate or complete sales. There’s more than one great service that can help you create a Facebook Messenger chatbot. This is an easy task when you are using the right platform. In order to get the most from this process, you will have to take a few things into account. First of all, you should analyze the language that you want to use in these bots. Obviously, you should use clear, simple language and easy to understand instructions. Next, it would be best to use guided responses and avoid a language and responses that make users feel like they are forced to do something. Another thing that you should do is to remind users that they are talking to a bot and show them that they can contact a real person if needed. To get the best results from your chatbot on messenger, you have to keep the bot updated. Analyze the chats and find ways to improve the bot.

So, Facebook Messenger bots are helpful in many ways, not just for selling stuff. For instance, many businesses use them to help their customers, both potential and existing customers. In other words, they are using these bots as some sort of customer support centers. Instead of redirecting Facebook users to a FAQ page, you can create an interactive FAQ page which will be part of the bot. In addition, you can use Facebook Messenger to let users confirm their orders and get updates about the status of their order. As we all know, it usually takes some time before online orders are processed and before the customers receive the goods they have paid for. Allowing them to get quick updates via messenger is a useful thing.

The information you will gather from Facebook users can be used for cross-selling and up-selling too. This works in a similar way like follow-up emails. You already know what your clients are interested in which means that you can offer some other products that they might find attractive.

Social media networks have made selling things online easier and more effective. With the help of apps like Facebook Messenger, you can take this social media business ventures on another level and expect access to a targeted audience by adding a personal touch to this process.

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