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The Best Apps to Use For Selling Your Digital Products And Online Courses

 There are hundreds of apps you can use to sell digital products.  You, however, need to choose the best ones so that you get sales. When looking for a product, it pays to look at the reviews and what benefits they have to offer. We will look at what the market has to offer.

·        Single music

 Single music will boost your online store and allow you to sell downloadable products such as music. The user interface is interactive and friendly, and you can display your albums and audio previews. It will help generate the right level of interest to make conversions. Your customers will receive the goods instantly. You also get to generate reports automatically that’s allowing you to track sales. It is very easy to install and managed using developer tools. You get help with stuff accounts, multi-store management, open-source templates, and development. You get to attach links to your digital products and can manage them easily using the app. You have different subscription plans, and the most basic will not cost you anything. 

·        Shopshare

Shopshare is an excellent app for anyone who owns an online store. You get to attach digital files to your products or pages, thus encouraging the customer to buy more items. You have the option of using videos as a marketing tool.  By showing your customers how the products work, you inspire confidence and more interest. Your customers get a download link, thus giving them instant access to whatever they have purchased.

You get colorful icons, thus giving your store a better look than if you were to display files. You also get Analytics that will help you track your sales, and whether your customers have managed to download the purchases. There are different subscription plans, but you also have the free option.

online courses

·        NS8 Download Tracker 

 The NS8download tracker is powerful because you get to track your sales. You get Analytics that will show you which products the customers download the most. You are then able to identify what your clients need, and which products you should stock up on for maximum profits. It also helps with marketing because you can focus on the items that move. 

You can use Microsoft Excel by converting your files into CSV files. There is no cost to installing the app onto your platform. 

·        Olark

 Olark is a live chat app that will help visitors find whatever they are looking for on your site.  It is easy to set up the interface and equally easy to use. You have the option of setting it up for the times your business is open so that someone on your team can respond promptly.  Once you close for the day, you can set it up to receive messages, thus ensuring you always respond to customer queries.

You get to know who you are talking to and what they are looking for. You also get access to the shopping cart, thus letting you know what people are buying. You can customize the page as you wish. Olark is a fantastic CRM tool because you can store your notes and chat transcripts. It also supports integrations with other tools such as Google Analytics, thus increasing your efficiency. 

You have the option of monthly yearly or 2-year plans. The monthly plan will cost you $70 per month, while the two-year subscription will cost you $12 per month.

·        Directed Edge Product Recommender

 If you have items that cross-sell, then the Directed Edge Product Recommender is a fantastic app for you. You may, for example, sell eBooks that go with specific courses. You, therefore, want an app that can automatically show related products to help customers make their purchases. You also get to see which products your customers view, as well as buy. It also allows for integration with other widgets. The user interface is easy to configure using the drag-and-drop feature. You can change the design to what you like by changing the colors, text, image sizes, and border sizes among others

 You get a 14-day free trial period.  The prices range from $24 per month to $79 per month if you go for the advanced option.

·        Pre-Order Me

 Pre-order Me is a fantastic way of marketing any upcoming courses to your audiences. It allows you to generate the right kind of interest for your eBooks, free marketing courses, among others. Use it to place a pre-order button on your website’s home page so that people can make pre-purchases.  You get to customize it so that it can fit in your shopping cart and landing page as you wish. 

You get a 7-day free trial period, and the most basic plan comes in at less than $10 per month. 

·        Taxamo

Taxamo will allow you with the taxation aspects when selling your digital product. It does this by automatically detecting where the customer is and applying the applicable tax rates. You also get reports which will help with filing your taxes.  The app is compliant with international digital regulations, including reporting, calculations, and invoicing.

 The subscription prices range between $24 to 110 per month.

·        Vendor Payout

 Vendor payout is an app that will help anyone who sales digital products and online courses from multiple sources. It will help you pay your third-party vendors while ensuring that everyone gets their money. You get a 7-day trial, and the cost ranges from $30 to $150 per month. 

Final Thoughts

 There are many fantastic apps you can use to move your digital products, as well as your online courses. Some are free, while others are paid up. You need to have a good understanding of what you are looking for to enjoy the benefits. Take the time to research what you are buying or signing up to. You must check out the customer reviews to see what other people are saying. You must also have a good understanding of what your business needs so that you get the right app. 

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