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Tips to create an excellent, high-value online courses

Creating content that will generate significant profits is not an easy feat. You will need to differentiate yourself from the competition and ensure that your content meets high standards. If you are starting in the courses-selling business, you must feel overwhelmed with the statistics, advice from friends, and prospects of not being successful. However, you can consider applying the tips below to help you increase your chances of success and making a positive impact on your clients.

Creating valuable course material

Identify your audience

Take time to develop an accurate vision of your target clients. Determine what they would want to learn and why. Will it boost their careers and obtain skills that will make them more relevant in their respective industries? Will your training improve their life skills? Training that helps clients achieve their goals is the kind that they will more likely pay for.

Find forums that your clients will most likely be in

Find your target audience on social media, professional groups, networking conferences, and other places that they may be hanging out. Find the challenges they are facing personally, in their careers, and the industry. Interact with them to get a better insight into their preferences. Such information from the primary source will help you tailor your course to fit their exact needs.

Pitch your material

Before you pitch your course to learners, determine what their level of education and expertise in your field is. This way, you will know the level of jargon to use and the kinds of assignments to offer (neither too hard nor too easy).

Make your offer stand out

Find your niche

Your area of expertise is most likely quite wide, and you need to identify a gap that you are well-versed with and genuinely enjoy. Having a specialty will help you focus your resources and efforts on one area. Start by building a loyal client base, after which you can diversify your course structure to include more students.

Get creative

To make your specialty stand out from the numerous other offers on the internet, you must target a specific demographic with attention-grabbing details. Use words that show off your expertise and buzzwords like ‘Masterclass’ to get your website visitors checking out your course description and making inquiries about payments.

Show your potential clients the positive outcomes of taking your course

Make sure that the learning outcomes and advantages of taking your course are stipulated on your website. Also, ensure that the progression has a logical flow that they will follow and understand.

Program design

If you have the budget for it, you can hire a professional curriculum designer to build an effective course for you. However, it is still possible to eliminate their hefty fees by making an exceptional course yourself. Consider all the books and e-learning courses you have read before; your course design should read just as well, and transition smoothly from one concept to the other. You can use regular tools like PowerPoint and PDF to create legible, informative, and useful course material.

Offer high-quality course content

The following guidelines will help you craft learning materials that will keep learners engaged and interested:

  • Use content to persuade clients to take your course. Be persuasive but honest, and list your learning objectives.
  • Constantly review your course content to keep it relevant, updated, and more memorable
  • Divide your course into smaller fragments that students will easily grasp and understand. The course fragments should be equal in length
  • In your revision materials and documents, use short, clear, and easy to read sentences and paragraphs.
  • Use multimedia formats like podcasts, videos, images, and audio to keep content delivery interesting and improve concept comprehension
  • Set quizzes, exams, and assignments to test students’ mastery of the content

Select the right platform to offer your course on

There are many kinds of platforms on which you can offer your online course. Such include Learning Management Systems like Moodle, which is a free open-source platform. It has plenty of users, which makes obtaining assistance from an online community easy. Totara is another free eLearning platform for more corporate learning environments.

Another alternative would be to build your site where you can interact with students, upload videos and content, and accept payment for your courses. Today, you do not have to build a website from scratch; there are plenty of website builders with which you can design a fully-functional website with e-commerce functionality in a matter of seconds. Moreover, these website builders are inexpensive, convenient, and user-friendly. Examples include Shopify, BigCommerce, SquareSpace, and Weebly.


Marketing is a crucial part of running a successful online training center. You need to market your course aggressively for your target audience to find you.

Get a dedicated site

You may have your online academy elsewhere, but a website is a must-have to generate leads to your course. This site will be like the reception desk at your virtual school, where visitors will learn more about you, your course, and the payment and other procedures. With a dedicated site, you can leverage SEO to direct organic traffic to your online school.


Today, blogging is a vital part of marketing. Relevant and informative blog posts are an effective way to show your authority in your field and direct traffic to your site.

Social media

Having a robust presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other major social platforms is a sure way to boost your site SEO and interact with target clientele. Post fun items in addition to advertisements on your fan pages to keep your brand fresh in their minds.

online courses


It takes a lot of experience, collaboration, and understanding to create a course that will engage both you and your students. Hopefully, the tips above will guide you through creating such a highly-effective course.

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